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In July 2004, Lassine Doumbia founded the Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center for the village of Koungodjan in Mali, West Africa in honor of his father who died in 2004 at the age of 90. The senior Doumbia died of complications from a broken hip. Medicines were purchased in Bamako, yet it was five days before a medical technician could visit the village to administer the medication. Mr. Doumbia died prior to the doctor’s arrival. With the belief that all men, women and children should have ready access to medical care in their community, the Center was born.


Some photos of my May visit to the Sibiry Doumbia Memorial Health Center

In August 2004, Dr. Karim Doumbia was hired as the attending physician in charge of day-to-day operations of the Center along with two Nurses and two local traditional midwives to advise and assist. Together they provide such services as consultation, medical exams, assisting births, immunizations, general medical guidance, and distribution of medication. Today, six months after the doors first opened, the Center is one of the most respected of the health care providers in the eight-village community. The Center is committed to excellence and has developed a reputation for using the latest technology and for its skilled compassionate staff.
Access for all men, women and children to quality health information, medical care and basic hospital services in the community of Koungodjan, Mali and surrounding villages.

Located 40km southeast of Bamako, the 5,000 inhabitants of Koungodjan, and the 45,000 inhabitants of the seven neighboring villages, lack access to basic medical services and health information. The closest medical services are in Bamako, 1 ½ hours away, traveling over dirt roads. The health problems experienced by the people of these villages are largely preventable. With proper access to information about maternal childcare, nutrition, and hygiene, as well as regular visits from medical technicians, the health of these people would be improved dramatically. Even when medicines can be obtained from Bamako, there is often no trained medical technician available to administer them. The result is unnecessary death and disabilities. Now, thanks to Lassine Doumbia and Doumbias International Health Services (DIHS), this community has a brand new 10-room Health Center with a large reception room, two examination rooms, a birthing room, two patient recovery rooms, a nursery, and three offices. Project Goals

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